As a Hope for the Nations Philippines staff member, I am responsible for raising my own support. I believe in transparency and accountability in financial matters. This page will detail my support needs, my plans for raising it, my progress, and ways that you can be a part of it. This page was last updated on January 30th, 2009.







Support Info
How You Can Help:

Here are some ideas for ways that you can partner with me in reaching out to the poor in Agdao-

A) - Prayer. I list it first because it is most important. This is something you can do right now, at your computer, without a checkbook or anything. I could tell you so many stories of how prayer affected our ministry during these past years. We are so thankful for our prayer partners.

B) - Monthly support commitment. This is basically how we pay the bills and put food on the table. Whether you can commit to $200, $100, $50 or even just $5, whatever God enables you to send is a great blessing to us as it allows us to stay and continue our ministry

C) -  Bi-monthly support commitment. It may be more convenient for some churches and individuals to send support every other month. This wouldn't be any problem.

D) - One-time gift. I won't suggest any particular amount for this. You can specify whether you'd like me to put it towards our monthly expenses or towards the purchase of the larger things I listed above that would benefit my ministry here, or a special project of some kind. I'll be careful to use it accordingly

E) - Fund-raiser/sponsorship. If you have a youth group or bible study that would like to create some kind of event that would raise support it could be a huge blessing. I have been the sponsored missionary of a VBS before, for example. Someone also sold some furniture once and donated the proceeds, which is how we were able to set up 3 working computers and a network here, enabling me to start my original Computer Literacy classes. If God lays something like this on your heart, talk to me about it - and be creative! our God is the Creator, after all.

Where does my support come from?

1) - Churches. I am receiving support from several churches of various denominations. Since my finances go through Hope For The Nations, they are tax deductible and receipts are issued.

2) - Individuals. Our overall support needs are very reasonable, owing mostly to the low cost of living in the Philippines, and God has enabled some individuals and families to partner with me directly in this, some through one-time gifts, and some through monthly support. I am also relying heavily on individuals for prayer support!

Special Ministry needs-

these are things that would greatly benefit our ministry at HFTN and lives in general, that don't fit in the monthly budget. I've listed them with their estimated cost, and I hope you'll join with me in prayer for them.

  • A car - I can't drive around on my motorcycle with the baby, so it is now time to look for something more family oriented. The vehicles we've looked at so far were in the $3000 - $3500 range, but we hope to find a better deal still.
  • Notebook computer - My primary notebook computer is still working, but it is 5 years old and heavily used. Since we are currently on furlough, we may have the opportunity to purchase a new one, as prices are much lower in the US. I've found one with the professional-level specs I'm looking for and international warrantee and accidental damage coverage for just under $1500

Monthly Support:

Rent - $220

Utilities (Water, Power, and Phone/ DSL) - approx. $100

Food - approx. $200 for Cathy, Roldan and I.

Living Expenses - $780  -Covers Visa Expenses, Basic Needs like soap, etc., Web Hosting, Gas, Communication, Travel Expenses, Driver's Insurance, Clothing, Special Ministry expenses, basically anything that comes up.

Savings - $200 - this is how much we try to save every month if we can, in order to be responsible and prepared for emergencies and temporary disruptions in finances

Total: $1500 (US) / Month

Online Donations:
   You can make a donation safely and easily online by following this link to Partners In Action's site. This allows one-time gifts as well as monthly recurring gifts, and I am told that those who donate this way will still recieve reciepts for tax purposes.

The address for US donors to send money is:

Partners In Action
7729 E. Greenway Rd. Ste. 500
Scottsdale , AZ 85260

Re:  Daniel Todd Emmons
House of Jubilee, Philippines

Funds from USA donors will be receipted by HFTN USA, and are tax deductible.