Starting Point
My name is Daniel Emmons, and welcome to my site. I am a missionary to Mindanao, in the southern Philippines. I made this web site because I want to be better connected to my supporters and friends than a monthly newsletter by mail can offer. I believe that all Christians have a missionary call, and that a valid part of that may be a call to send rather than to go. These senders often are underappreciated, for how could the work of God be accomplished without them? As we partner together in missions, they should be given a connection not only to the missionary they have sent but the people who they are investing in. Modern technology is a gift from God in that it bridges the gap of 8,000 miles in a few seconds. Shouldn't we use it for God's glory?

To this end, I strive to make weekly updates with pictures, and upload a newsletter in MS Word format every 2 months as well. You can sign up on this site if you would like to be automatically notified by email with a link to these updates, right when they are posted. It is also possible to make donations online. I can be reached by email at, and am usually on Skype, where my Skype name is niftlike.
The Philippines are a beautiful tropical archipelago in southeast Asia, with Taiwan to the north and Indonesia to the south. Having been a Spanish colony for 333 years and a former United States territory, they are unique in culture and style from their Asian neighbors. While colonial Spanish culture with strong American and Chinese influence is obvious on the surface, Filipinos retain deeply their tribal roots at heart. They are particularly known for their friendly, laid-back attitude, their unsurpassed hospitality, strong concept of family, hearty food at parties, prolific singing and dancing, shockingly effective blade-centric martial arts, and ability to adapt to new cultures and languages. Most Filipinos are Roman Catholic, although there is a large Islamic population in Mindanao, and many ancient animistic religions and superstitious practices continue to this day.

Davao is the largest city in Mindanao, and a center of trade and commerce. Unlike Manila, Davao primarily speaks Bisaya (also called Cebuano), as the majority of the central and south Philippines do. Cagayan de oro, Davao, and General Santos lie at the edge of a sort of apparent boundary between 'Muslim Mindanao' and the rest of the island.