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Update posted 02.11.2012

This is my first update of the new year, so it seems like I should explain why. Our ministry hasn't been interrupted at HFTN, or in the computer lab project at Oasis. At least, not yet. At the beginning of January I got an email from the company (Rackspace Hosting) I was hoping to eventually work at in San Antonio, which as you probably know is where we have been planning to move in about a year. They had a job they wanted to interview me for, so I figured I'd hold off and post once I knew what the results were, just in case. Well, the process was a bit more involved than I had expected, and after 5 interviews, I've been hired. It might not have been expected to happen so soon, but Cathy and I have peace that this is God's timing, and considering that I don't have a degree and this job is in the very technical field of Linux system administration, I wouldn't be offended if you called it a miracle. I've been studying in my spare time to take this from a hobby to a career, but to see it happen is pretty neat. So now we have a few months of crazed preparations, and a lot of new challenges to pray for. Rackspace wants me to get there by the end of March, if possible. I've sent emails to the supporters I had addresses on hand for, but I still need the addresses for some of you, so please email me if you haven't gotten the letter yet. Until I leave Davao I am still actively working in missions, and I have a lot of things to do in preparation, not to mention expensive airfare, so we hope you'll keep us in prayer. Our God is amazing and his plans can sure be surprising! We have all the more reason to trust that he can meet all of our needs as we follow Him.

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