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Update posted 10.25.2011

October has been a month of God reassuring us we are in the right place, as we have faithfully continued in the ministry we felt called to labor in. One thing we have waited for a long time to see was the provision of a car, to keep our growing family safe (none of the local forms of public transportation have seat belts, let alone child seats), enable more ministry in places outside the immediate city area, and bring down our weekly transportation expenses. Now that we've been able to get a used Kia sedan, and I've gotten over the initial terrors of learning to drive all over again in a place where the rules are, ahem, slightly different, I look forward to driving up to the mountains sometime and visiting some of the villages I have not seen in a while, although of course I'd still have to walk the last few kilometers :). In the meantime, it has already been a great blessing and even enabled us to visit some of Cathy's relatives we don't see very often. Cathy is of course still busy being pregnant, and we are due pretty soon, which will probably shake things up again for us more than we realize. I'm busy too, of course, because we are preparing for a team coming from early next year and have to have plans set so we won't get derailed over Christmas break. Now one of my best friends at Oasis is back from furlough, we have been brainstorming for ways to connect the computer lab and the youth ministry over there and make sure the lab is functioning as more than just a nice resource, but really lets us mentor the kids that come in. And with October coming to a close already, while the Philippines does have its own interesting version of Halloween (involving setting up tents and camping directly on top of the graves of relatives, sometimes), our prayer and focus is that God would use us and the new ways He's equipped us to reap a harvest for Him here in the poorer areas of Davao City.

Note: As of June we have a new support letter that outlines our ministry, and need to get it into people's hands, so if you can think of someone you'd be willing to give it to, it would be quite a help to us. The letter can be downloaded here.

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Many of our friends know we have been praying for the means to get a car since about the time Roldan was born, so you can imagine getting this has been a huge blessing for us. Our friends who have been working here much longer than we have say that the white Kia Pride is pretty much the staple car of missionaries in Davao. Dependable, safe, easy to drive, and easy to get parts for if we ever need to. We are very thankful for the friends who made it possible.

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