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Update posted 09.29.2011

If you've been following my site, you might have noticed I've been working on improving and adding a few things to it. When I made the first version of it in 2003, preparing to start full-time missions, I knew a little HTML but making a blog would have been beyond consideration, and they weren't a common thing then anyway. Now, though, in order to make it easy to share these posts on social networks and join the discussion, the individual articles I post now have their own blog-style view and can be commented on, and there are +1 and like buttons too. I've also updated the Tsunami journal I made after my early 2005 trip to Banda Aceh, mainly to improve readability. Anyway, I know adding social networking features may not seem like a big deal, but if you see something on here you'd like to share, feel free - for a missionary, getting the word out is vital to having more prayer support, and sponsorship too. I have been wanting to get the progress bar at the top of this site to 100% and then start a new one for a car, but it doesn't look like that is going to happen - because we're already at 100% for a car! This is great news for us as rising transportation costs have hindered our involvement in some forms of ministry for a while now, and we have some close friends to thank for making it happen. Our ministry in Agdao is going well; I now have elementary-level students studying at the lab as well as high school and college. Cathy is very pregnant and due in less than 2 months, which is probably going to keep things interesting around the house. We're studying weather and climate in our Friday morning Science classes at the feeding program, so last week we were talking about low and high pressure areas and how storms develop, looked at a map, and saw a big one was about to develop in the northern Philippines. Having seen the destruction it is causing Manila right now, I really wish in predicting we had a way to prevent it as well, but one thing we can definitely do is pray for the many people affected up there.

Note: I've written a new support letter that outlines our ministry, and need to get it into people's hands, so if you can think of someone you'd be willing to give it to, it would be quite a help to us. The letter can be downloaded here.

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seriously, we have to deal with a lot of cute around the house, and we're about to have another one of these!

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