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Update posted 08.17.2011

While I continue to enjoy leading Bible studies and teaching my science class, the biggest project I have right now is the computer lab at Oasis, and it is coming along nicely. In fact, I've opened it up for Oasis' sponsored students to use during special study hours while we work on fundraising for the additional computers. I'm also developing a nice bit of software to manage the lab easily, which is important as this is something I want to continue to bless people once I've left the Philippines. While that's challenged me to learn some new programming skills, by far the biggest challenge has been a spiritual one: in the first couple of days we've had study hours, it's been very clear that these kids come from very difficult backgrounds, and being able to build communication with them leading to their mentoring and spiritual growth will require a lot more than clever software. I will have to run this lab on my knees in prayer.

Note: I've written a new support letter that outlines our ministry, and need to get it into people's hands, so if you can think of someone you'd be willing to give it to, it would be quite a help to us. The letter can be downloaded here.

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