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Update posted 05.05.2011

As usual, things start to really get moving when we have a team coming. Not just team stuff, either - it seems just when I'm busiest, lots of other opportunities and open doors pop up. This year is no exception, as lots of exciting stuff has been happening just in the last few weeks. As Cathy and I have both had responsibilities at HFTN, we have been dividing the week and I have been getting used to doing some of my work at home with Roldan in my lap. Cathy has to step back from her work, though, with the baby on the way, so this is a good time for some new projects. I've had a good meeting with friends in Kalayag, a locally-run ministry doing amazing work among the tribes, and it looks like they have lots of things I could be doing and an open invitation to get as involved as I can. Of course, without a car, that can't be very often for now, but I'd like to go once a week - they are about an hour's travel from our part of Davao. They have the resources to build a computer lab, which could be interesting. And speaking of computer labs, I met with the leader of an educational ministry I used to teach web development classes at, and offered to help get their defunct computer lab up and running again as well. We got to talking about my vision for a study center, and much to my surprise, he and the board of his ministry have decided to ask me to not only help with their lab, but make it my own and open my study center there! Even better, they have already acquired some donated machines to start with and modest funding to buy a few new ones, plus a projector. In other words, while I was looking for a place I could use to build a study center, now one has pretty much been given to me - within walking distance of HFTN, too. I can continue in HFTN in mornings and go over to Oasis (where the new lab is) in the afternoon and minister to students through providing resources and tutorial help, with the hopes that it leads to opportunities to talk to them about Jesus. And of course this all means that although I'm excited for the team's arrival and outreach in the coming weeks, it's too bad they are coming right when I could be preparing to open the study center right as a new school year and semester starts. This is really getting interesting now and it is clear that God had all of this in mind all along.

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