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Update posted 01.22.2011

Another week of good meetings with people, and being the occasional computer hero when something isn't working. It looks like I'm set to be teaching Sunday school, leading an additional Bible study, and tutoring Tabitha kids in Science. At our Admin meeting yesterday it was reported that 4 more children have sponsors now in our sponsorship program, two of which are being sponsored locally. It's nice that we can find sponsors both here and abroad, as it helps to break the mindset that is prevalent here that Filipinos must depend on people from places like America to fund ministry. God is bigger than our economic differences, and wants us to be in unity in ministry. Speaking of breaking down economic barriers, we have a new project that I'm hoping will be successful - a fair trade initiative to employ some of the mothers of children in our programs in sewing items like nursing wraps and luggage tags which will be sold in America. The idea behind such fair trade projects is to cut out some of the middlemen, and enable these people to earn a wage that is closer to what the work deserves. Wages are amazingly low in the Philippines, like many other developing nations. I've been told that the average wage is around $5 a day, even if you have a college degree. Making it possible for members of the community to earn something that can really help their families without needing more than part-time hours will really benefit them. As with most of our ministry efforts, it may look tiny compared with the colossal need, but God calls us to things He can accomplish through us.

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