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Update posted 12.11.2010

This has been another week of mostly the sort of planning, purchasing, etc that precedes the second half of December where all the interesting stuff happens. That's not to say there weren't any highlights. I got to lead our staff devotion a couple of days ago, and while each of us usually takes a turn at least once a month, this time went well despite a lack of sleep and it was encouraging to have the Holy Spirit to turn to for strength - most noticeable when you run out of your own. I've had good talks with other people in ministry that I don't see often, as well as some former interns that managed to come back for a vacation (although I have tried to trick them into getting back to work anyway) and happened to both show up right before Christmas. One has taken the time to try to teach me a new kind of programming, which is great because I find myself encouraging younger programmers in Agdao fairly often and could stand a little more training myself, though actually applying it will have to wait until we get our Christmas break. Another highlight, earlier today, was stopping by the Tabitha program in Rosemary to help Cathy set up a sound system for their dance practice, and then afterward hearing that the moms helping out there were impressed at me speaking Bisaya with Cathy. That always makes me feel good. But you know life isn't all highlights, and we've had some stressful moments lately too - especially with ATMs and our debit card, which seem to have had every random problem possible. Probably the banking system is just straining under the load of all the holiday commerce going on. But the highlight here is knowing that we don't depend on a system, but on a Father in Heaven that already knew what hiccups we might face and is fully able to supply all our needs. A few months ago I wouldn't have thought that we would be so close to hitting our support goals by the end of the year.
Our support letter from earlier in the year can still be downloaded here, and we also have a color brochure here. Some of the info is outdated but they are still useful.

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