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Update posted 11.13.2010

It's good to be back. I've switched web hosting providers, as the old one lost all my updates since June 16th, said they would get them back, and then left me waiting for over a month, unable to update my site. You'll notice some minor changes, and there are probably things here and there I still need to fix, but the important thing is I can update this site again - although it doesn't hurt that the new web host is half the price of the old one, either. Cathy and I have been just as busy as ever, as she is now a full-time member of HFTN Philippines herself, and is in charge of the student sponsorship program, as well as managing the feeding program at one of the new locations on Saturdays. I have been working on HFTN Philippines' web site, HFTNPH.org, which you should check out. Other than that, I've hardly had any computer work to do, which is good, because I'm helping Cathy revise student sponsorship profiles for children we are seeking sponsors for, looking after our two interns, who have really been a blessing as they share our heart for children and have been very closely involved in our ministries, and Cathy and I are both leading small-group Bible studies now. If you read some of our previous updates before they were eaten by the old web server, you might wonder when I'm planning to return to America and if I found a job yet. We've been through some trying times financially, but came to a point where we decided to fight to stay here, because we both know we still have work we are called to do, and finances will have to just get out of our way. Right about that time, we found a new house to rent which is much cheaper, situated near a jeepney route, and in a much cooler area at the edge fo the city, so we don't need to run our aircon as much (I'm writing now with only an electric fan on, and not dripping sweat on the keyboard). This has reduced our monthly expenditures by around $150, which is a lot for us. At the same time, we've received gifts from new sponsors which helped us get out of the red. God is good! And as we put our trust in Him, our excitement for ministry has returned as well, replacing the weariness that grew from our uncertainty. We are making exciting plans for next year, but for now, the focus is on the special projects we got to do over the holidays, including distributing donated clothing to tribal villages, the Christmas party in Malikongkong, and likely our late-night delivery of meals to the street children and homeless families on Christmas' Eve.

Our support letter from earlier in the year can still be downloaded here, and we also have a color brochure here. Some of the info is outdated but they are still useful.

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