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Update posted 06.16.2010

We started this month by saying goodbye to the Euroclass team, and having a small birthday celebration for Roldan, on his actual birthday, although he had also had a party in America before we left. But Cathy and I had also had a plan for a while to give the children in the Tabitha: Food For Life program a party as well. We were able to make that happen on the 12th, after having some of our friends from Agdao come over and stay up late baking over 200 chocolate chip cookies with Cathy the night before. I'm not entirely sure how many of the kids knew it was Roldan's party, because they all got cookies and ice cream, and we were able to give out school supplies we had left over from a another project as well. Roldan, of course, was up on the stage dancing and trying to sing into a microphone. Just the kind of chaotic fun we usually expect during the feeding program. The past couple of days I've also been able to help with coordinating with other ministries in expanding the feeding program to some new areas, try to get some of issues with our office network sorted out (some of it was replaced while I was on furlough after power outages damaged some equipment), and prepare for the interns, who arrive early tomorrow morning. I guess we're getting back up to speed on things.

Our current Support letter can be downloaded here, and we also have a color brochure here.

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