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Update posted 06.05.2010

Hi from the Philippines! We arrived May 14th, but we barely had time to get back to a normal sleeping pattern before the Euroclass team arrived, and then it seemed I was always falling asleep whenever a free moment found me. This year I had the benefit of previous experience, though, and I think everyone had a great time during their visit. I was especially blessed by how well these Danish teenagers were able to jump into our Tabitha: Food for Life program and build relationships with the kids. These children need that kind of mentoring and I wish they could have stayed longer, tired though I might be. Perhaps some of them will come back as interns, as I did - and then end up on staff as well :). Speaking of interns, we will have more than average later in the summer, starting with five arriving on the 17th. I'm also excited to see our feeding program expanding again already to a few new locations in the coming months, possibly reaching out to some of the different people groups that have formed their own communities in this diverse city. Cathy and I also can be thankful that our support level is back up to something we can live on for the foreseeable future. A lot of people here I have talked to have been feeling, like us, that they don't want to always have to be thinking about money, but rather focus on God's work. I've been seeing God make that possible and I'm very thankful!

Our current Support letter can be downloaded here, and we also have a color brochure here.

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