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Update posted 04.13.2010

We have been on furlough now for quite a while, and are planning our return to Davao. It has been nice to be encouraged and refreshed by our visits to different churches in the area, and reassuring to have some new supporters as well. While we do need to continue to work on having enough monthly support to sustain our work once we return, we also need to be thinking about plane tickets to get there. Prices are better right now than they were on the way over, but they will get more expensive the closer we get to our target departure date of May 7th. We've been traveling quite a bit lately, in particular with our long road trip to San Antonio to visit my grandparents. Grandma is in the hospital and it was really important to me to be there and to finally introduce them to Cathy and Roldan. It has been impressed on me lately that, as important as one's call to ministry is, it doesn't supersede our call to our families. Cathy and I have known for a while that eventually we'd have to take some years off and work on her citizenship so that, in the event things don't go as planned, it wouldn't separate us. We've been praying about it and feel that we should aim to do that in two years after we've wrapped up this current phase of ministry. I'm very confident we would return to missions work in the Philippines after that, but as for how soon, we don't know yet. I would be building a career in IT at that time so that as a family we would have a solid foundation. While that new adventure is becoming visible on the horizon, it doesn't change our immediate plans; in fact, it gives us more motivation and focus. Our current Support letter can be downloaded here, and we also have a color brochure here.

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