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Update posted 05.04.2013

I suppose a year without updates has been a good tip-off that something had changed. The Lord led us to move to America to be closer to family and build a second career that would provide for our children, and with my new job at Rackspace in San Antonio, TX that has come to pass. This new career has been a blessing and is going amazingly well. I arrived on the job looking a bit lost in April 2012, and set myself to learn as quickly as I could. In barely a year I'm now enjoying handling difficult escalations and training the new hires. Much of the personal growth I encountered on the missions field has been helpful here, and it's clear that God had a pretty great plan all along.

Cathy has been able to stay at home with the kids, and thankfully we do know some Filipino families in the area and have been able to find a great little Vinyard church to join. We get to visit my Grandfather's ranch up in the Hill Country from time to time, and Roldan has enjoyed riding horses with him. Baby Eli was walking at about 10 months and is now starting to talk at a year and a half.

While we haven't had a chance to return to the Philippines since our arrival, we do try to stay connected to our friends who are still serving and living there. This first year has taken up much of our attention simply becoming established in America, but the Philippines will always be in our hearts, and as we find opportunity for further ministry here and there in the future, I'll probably use this page to reflect that. While it probably won't be updated much otherwise, there are still nice pictures and memories that I intend to keep online, and of course it is now running on a Rackspace Cloud Server (with a Cloud Database backend) so I shouldn't have any trouble keeping it going. Thanks for checking back, and may the Lord bless you!

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